Mercury Retrograde

Ventura, San Antonio

Mercury Retrogrades are known to make you feel are less proactive, Setbacks, Closing other people out, Self-doubt, Questioning yourself, technology malfunctioning (the issue with Facebook and Instagram earlier in the month) and a bunch of mayhem!

If you have felt the intensity the last few weeks then you know a celebration is in order just making it through!

On April 14th at Ventura SATX, come out and enjoy drinks, live performances, live art, and mystical vendors! MORE TBA

and because April is national poetry month there will be an open mic for those who have anything that what to say!

18 + $3

Performers Sab 2 Real ROYAL MINUS Tirí E. Chilomé Tomas Apaso Salinas Mr.Composition Janie Terrazas MC²

Vendors ChosenEyes (Tarot) Warrior Goddess Tiffany (Vibrational Sound Healing) Kamitria B Delaney (Health and Wellness) Janie Terrazas - The Mindfulness Coach Deja Pegues - Divine Khepera Yoga